For those countries willing to develop the Esports infrastructure we introduce a number of projects aimed to create a self-sustainable Esports eco-system.

Designated for the highest level international events, such venues are fully adopted for the uprising requirements for Esports competitions.

The expectations of the community and the publishers will be accordingly high, so not every city will be fitting the requirements, such an important fact should be considered on the very planning stage. Total support of the local government will be required from the very beginning as well. Esports stadiums should also meet nowadays requirements related to safety, logistics, integrated technologies, ecology, communications, and hospitality. Such stadiums are best suitable for the most developed cities and regional centers with advanced transportation system, international flight connections and the most important - a solid amount of video games and Esports fans. This venues will serve as the international hubs for the Esports community and should be able to host the most prestige events in the industry.


Regular tournaments, leagues, business summits, shows, aimed to support the local community.


Long running regional and nation-wide tournaments with full media coverage are being an integral part of the local Esports infrastructure. We bring best practices of Esports events to each local market, tailored for each specific jurisdiction.

Global Esports Solutions

GES is a newly formed holding of companies created as a well-balanced structure of high-quality customer services, branded, and well-accepted products, associated infrastructure of dedicated objects and venues.
The Esports market is growing rapidly. It’s not a secret that it is going to be the next generation of digital entertainment.
Our offer provides a step-by-step development plan suitable for any given regional or national market with an aim to build a well structured and self-sustainable local Esports eco-system.



Alexander Udalyi

Chief Executive Officer


Yaroslav Hryshyn

General Secretary